A Fool's Paradise

Have fun in this quirky paradise situated on the Western side of town, with breath-taking views of the Witteberge to the east and the sun setting behind your very own ‘Stonehenge’ to the west.


* Open-plan Living and Dining Room
* Salotto or live-in kitchen with beautiful views
* 2 bedrooms that can sleep 4 people
* Parking on the property

* Cat and Dog friendly

COST (per night)

R1200 for four



Wanda Fool (née Smit):  079 045 6405

Walk on water in the silver-floored double bedroom dedicated to Mercury. (It’s the most blissfully silent room in the house.) The open-plan lounge and dining-room will transport you to the West, as well as the East, of the world. Lie on the queen-size bed of the main bedroom with its African throne and enjoy the magnificent view of a landscaped garden with its big tree full of chirping sparrow weavers.

Smile at the ugly cracks on the walls which have been turned into fun art with silver buttons, broken glass, coins and pearls. Lie back in the claw-footed bath in a large bathroom and imagine you’re on the beach. Wash dishes in a well-equipped kitchen while you see nature at its best.

Enjoy the ‘Adriatic’ to the north-east with its flow of water leading to a large white ‘swan’. Then go to the ‘beach’ on the large stoep with its shady wisteria to keep you cool in the hottest summer.