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Kaboedel Craft

9h00 -17h00 daily (please ring bell)

Zaria de Villiers Martens is a well-known South African Multi-Media artist who discovered Rosendal in 2001. Her work includes Painting, Mosaics, Pottery, Spinning, Weaving and hand-painted yarns.  Zaria is still challenged by the discovery and practice of new mediums. Her saying; “Wie’s bang?” makes her a truly multi-media artist.  She now works primarily as a Fibre artist producing art that is both functional and wearable.

Zaria and husband Dewald Martens met in 2012 and a year later the couple moved to Rosendal permanently. Dewald practices warm-glass craft producing items that are not always functional. He is also an avid genealogist and part-time author having just published his first novel.

A visit to Kaboedel will most likely also lead to a tour of the mosaic house and studios of the couple.

Contact: 083 725 2080

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