Willem Pretorius - Artist

Willem finds his inspiration in the smells and sights of the small towns of South Africa. His depiction of them is that of a local and not a mere tourist or casual passer-by. The artists loves the way nature reclaims these man-made structures. Through documenting these landscapes he forces the on-looker to see through his eyes and stand were he stood still and maybe see it in a new light, the beauty in decay. His theme is mainly concerned with the “platteland” and its changing landscapes. It can be seen as a type of visual diary where he documents a specific time and place in our history and in doing so, remembering. It also reminds us of our own transcience and mortality. Everything is temporary. He works in oil and his style can best be described as observational realism with a strong South African vernacular.

Visit his studio/gallery, Skoppelmaai, in Genl Fick Street on appointment. 076 159 0525 &

Michèle Nigrini

The well-known artist Michèle Nigrini was the first visual artist to make Rosendal her permanent home: she moved here in 2004, and opened the first art gallery with sculptor Dahla Hulme in 2005, in the space that is now Yolla’s restaurant.  Also In 2005 they opened the Meerkatkolonie Gallery at 285 Hertzog St.


Markmaking is the most fundamental element in Michele’s work – a scratch of charcoal, a line of ink, a splash of color, is how she expresses emotion, movement, the essence of her theme. She plays with different mediums, draws with different objects. 

Michele prefers to paint her immediate surroundings, and living in Rosendal offers a vast choice of inspiring themes.  She focuses on absorbing the environment, so that she can reference it in her work: her aim not to copy nature, but to re-interpret it…


“Although I interpret nature, I strive to express the essential character of things, submitting it to the spirit of the place... a condensation of sensations, so to speak.   I need to look up and see the same light that I am putting on a page, to smell the air which I am reflecting, to hear the sounds which I hope echo in my work.” 


Meerkatkolonie is Michele’s primary studio and exhibition space, where her work can be viewed by appointment only.  She welcomes visitors and the chance to engage around her work and life in Rosendal! The legendary ‘Meerkat stoep’ is still the site for eclectic gatherings, koffie en kos, and even a bit of 'Boulle', on high days and holidays!



facebook: michelenigriniartist

instagram: michele nigrini

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Wessel van Huyssteen

A visual artist who predominantly works in water colours. His work is often exhibited in Gauteng and Free State galleries.

082 850 3426 & &

Lein Smuts
Beeldhouer en skilder.


Visit her gallery at De Tuinen on appointment.
082 782 6532 &

Wim Rautenbach

Spontaneous freedom and honesty is the feeling which is derived from Rautenbach’s oil paintings. Light and form plays an important part in Rautenbach’s creative process.


The work is not not static and totally realistic, movement, light and atmosphere can be experienced.


His work can be viewed at Stallery in Keyter Street on appointment. 072 275 5571 & &

Magda 1.jpg

Magda and Rufus van der Vloed are ceramicists and permanently moved to Rosendal just before lockdown started.  Magda explores the role of figurative ceramics through history as well as in a contemporary context. She works in collaboration with her husband, Rufus. They embrace functionality, thus their sculptural busts can be used as vases, if chosen to. In Rosendal they sell their ceramics through the Rosendal Art Gallery/Handelshuis in Kriek street. This stock can also be found on their online shop,  They can be contacted directly for custom ceramics.

Magda is also an internationally acclaimed product developer and worked with craft groups in various parts of Africa, Mozambique and Zambia in most materials used through the craft sector. Magda and Rufus set up a glass recycling workshop in Mfuwe, Zambia 2 years ago. More information and photos available on her website

Rufus used to be in construction in Pretoria, where he also made amazing functional items and contemporary lights in lightweight concrete. He’s also an accomplished wood turner.  


Instagram: @magdavandervloedstudio

Online shop:


Cell:  Magda – 082 454 2531

         Rufus – 082 300 3766